Who We Are

Asurya foundation was born on March 28, 2019 out of the belief to plant trees and change lives of farmers, underprivileged child’s education, unemployment, and Health sector for underprivileged across Bangalore, Karnataka and India. Everyone is worried and talking about deforestation, decreasing groundwater level, pollution, global warming, decreasing farmers, unemployment, and education for underprivileged children and Health sector for underprivileged.

Most of us want to do something about it, but due to our day-to-day activities and responsibilities, we are not able to do what we want to.

We the Asurya Foundation have taken this initiative to do what you want to do which you’re not able to do due to your day to day activities and responsibilities against deforestation, Decreasing groundwater level, pollution, Global warming, decreasing farmer’s, Unemployment, education for under Privileged children and Health sector for underprivileged.

Our people are our resources and if each one of us commits to giving regularly, we will be strong enough to solve our problems. We at Asurya Foundation, aspire to be the change.

We do that by bringing together the people who want to give and the organizations that work to make a difference.

So let us be the change.